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Reviews and Testimonials

If I’m so smart, why do I feel like an idiom?” has truly put the learning of idioms in a clear and manageable format for English as a Second Language learners. It is thoroughly put together and is very comprehensive in its delivery. Written from the perspective of a creative English teacher, it lives up to its claim of being ‘A Fun and Friendly Approach to Learning Idioms.”
Earle Haye – ESL Site Manager (Toronto District School Board)

“The explanations, examples, exercises as well as the illustrations in the book all are very helpful to our adult ESL students, as they help with their intellectual and visual understanding of the idiom.”
Penny Wong – ESL Program Officer (TDSB)

“Ms. Paglia’s book is inclusive, organized, creative, fun, up-to-date and unlike other books on idioms, relevant to the Canadian ESL student. Ideal for the classroom or individual study.”
Eric Siegel – OTC; BA; B.Ed; ESL Instructor

“A wonderful learning resource, challenging and stimulating. I believe this book will become the “Azar” of Idioms.”
Darryl Press BA, ESL Instructor, Editor of “Grammar to Go”

“I was thrilled to find an idiom book with Canadian references. The book is fun to use, has varied activities and a practical layout. It’s easy to follow and the theme based chapters can be taught at any occasion. I’d recommend this gem to any instructor who wants their students to learn idioms!”
Olenka Syrotynsky – BA, ESL Instructor

“If I’m so smart,.. is the first book that offers a multitude of activities that excites students in a fun and fitting manner. Its easy format leaves no room for confusion. A must have for teachers and students alike.”
Susan Barbieri – ESL Instructor

“The enjoyable and well-thought-out presentation allows the students to both understand and use the idioms quickly, thus building learner confidence in a normally frustrating area and making the book a worthy addition to the ESL classroom.”
Darren Robinson – BA, ESL Instructor

Specialties: ‘If I’m so Smart,…on the recommended reading list for ESL Parts 2 & 3 (York University)